Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I don't know how to express my gradtitude because I really did not expect to be awarded so soon after my 1st awards. Call me childish because that is how I feel right now, like a child.
Thank you DavidFunk ( you have always given me the kindess of words, im receiving these awards with humbleness, knowing that God send different people on my path in order to stay focus in my work (whatever it might be).
I want to forward these awards to all who is following my site/blog, because it is through daily trafficing that I am learning a lot more about others and myself.


  1. Hi Tracy I just love your site here it rocks. Also you deserve the awards because your site make people smile. It made me smile. See Ya

  2. I understand how you feel my friend. When I first started getting awards, I wasn't expecting anything like that. They do come in bunches, and you're certainly deserving of them.

    I'm glad we're blogger friends as well and I appreciate your kindness and support, too!:)

  3. Congrats on your awards. I see from the comments how much your site is love and I can see why.

  4. All you wonderful people with the kindess of words, I am saying THANK YOU and for your support as well. God bless.