Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last week's soccer match L was nominated, Man of the Macth for his u11 team. His position is Right Back, but he is an all-rounder that can play any position. Last year he was Striker and the Coach used him as a Centre Mid as well. Unlike his big brother who is an excellent "natuaral" soccer player, he has to be mould, but a fast learner indeed... They have matches every Saturday mornings. I would love to be at the side line when he plays, but unfortunately I can only make it once a month because I'm working most Saturdays.
Well done L we are proud of you!!!!!


  1. How very cool for L. It is very hard to have to keep up to big brothers levels of abilities. It is a very good character builder on the other hand and it seems to be working for L.
    It is hard to have to miss anything to do with our childrens activities....just talk about the gmes with him that you miss...he will know just by your interest that you love him:)

  2. Oh yes, it's working for him, but hard work that frustrates him a bit because he have to put in extra effort...and it's true because when I ask question about the game he gets very excited and can't stop talking.
    Thank you Dorothy, keep well.

  3. Well done!! maybe a champ in training!

  4. Thanx Colin, YES you never know!! LOL