Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When I open this e-mail today, I thought I need to post this. We are so quick to critize or have something bad to say about others without thinking how it's going to effect them . We really have to stop victimizing another. You need to start saying "I do not need your opinion" especially if it's negative or bad. We all have the right to be different. I know I am are YOU...


  1. This is so true. This little poem reminds me of my article Unconditional Self-Love.
    It is all about loving yourself first. Not depending on others permission to be you. Once a person can reach an unconditional self-love they would never say a negative word to another. It is one of the few positive double edged swords.


  2. Thank you for your wise words Mrs D.

    Oh before I forget, I need to confess that yesterday when I read your post "Betrayed by trust" I had to print it for someone at home. I could not stop this printer from printing and ended up with your whole blog on paper... (much lol)

    Hope it is fine with you, now I have my own "Dorothy D's e-book" :):)

  3. This is so right!

    Tongue is such a powerful thing: it can either build up or destroy someone's life